What is Fierce MedTech Innovation Week?

 Virtual event running live October 19-22 and on demand for 3 months following
 30+ speakers sharing design, development and go-to-market innovations for medical devices
 October 19-20 will cover Innovative Thinking in MedTech Design for Engineers
 October 21-22 will cover Digital Marketing for Medical Devices
Each day will feature a variety of sessions, including keynotes, interviews, partner presentations, tech talks, and panel discussions
 Gathering of professionals involved in MedTech who are looking for innovations and solutions


What to Expect at Fierce MedTech Innovation Week

Join thousands who are looking for the latest innovations in MedTech

Marketing, Sales, Digital Operations, IT, Content/Channel Strategy, Social/Digital Media, HCP Engagement, Digital Innovation

 Engineers - Design, Systems, Evaluation, Test, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Process, Product Design, Software; Medical Device Design Companies/Medical OEM's; Scientists; R&D; Purchasing & Procurement; Startups and VC's

What topics will be covered?

Innovative Thinking in MedTech Design for Engineers track:
 Medical device design has always been on the leading edge of advances in engineering. But with the urgency of the fight against the Pandemic and the corresponding evolution of wearables from measuring fitness to monitoring health, the rate of innovation in this space is rapidly accelerating. In this track we explore the latest technologies and strategies that design engineers are bringing to bear on medical devices and wearables to combat COVID and keep us healthier and safer.

View track schedule here.

Digital Marketing for Medical Devices track:
 For a decade, the Digital Marketing for Medical Devices Series has served as a platform for marketing professionals in Medical Device companies to maneuver industry disruption. Some of those include technological advancement, regulatory compliance, internal communication, and addressing marketing as a support to sales.
 Due to the overall evolution of technology/social media awareness and digital, medical device marketing departments are hard pressed to enhance brand awareness through numerous tactical approaches many of which will be discussed at DMMD Virtual.

View track schedule here.